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Host your archive online

Internet hosting of archives can be provided with design services; custom ‘ShopFront’ to provide access with your branding; sales via internet ‘shop’ and built-in payment management, collection and accounting detail.

In some cases Digitorial will consider part-funding important digital preservation projects.

A full staff training program is available which includes the use of all of the customisable features of On-Line Publisher and benefits of embedded Meta Data.

With over thirty years’ experience in publishing, we can advise, upgrade, enhance and implement production systems to take advantage of the cost savings of PDF pre-press production.

Secure WAN and Intranet services (including Bandwidth) are available to maximise the benefits of On-Line Publisher.

Billing and Licensing fees can be managed for external sales.

Digitorial Ltd is a Supplier Member of CILIP and is a provider of JISC Collections