On-Line Publisher

Digitorial On-Line Publisher has been designed to provide publishers of all sizes with the tools to maximise on the huge potential for electronic republishing of their paper-based product.

Traditionally, once a newspaper, magazine or journal has been published and distributed, there has been little further ability to produce earnings from that issue for the publisher. With the advent of an Internet-based market many publishers have found that the costs of producing on-line editions as a subscription service have been costly and produced very limited returns.

Having identified the costs and opportunities for a diverse after-market, Digitorial have designed an integrated solution which allows publishers to reduce the cost of their own internal archive and library requirements as well as produce new revenue across the whole of their existing consumer base and take them into new marketplaces.

Fully scaleable from small to major publishers

The flexibility of On-Line Publisher has been carefully planned to ensure that any publisher, of any size, can reap the benefits of cost reduction with added revenue possibilities.

From a single monthly publication, the system is fully scalable and can easily cope with publishers who produce over a million pages per annum.

Security and Copyright

Security of Copyright and protection of Intellectual Property Rights is a major consideration for any publisher and On-Line Publisher provides many options for tagging and Watermarking all Digital Assets.