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For Libraries and Archives, careful, professional handling of fragile paper and microfilm originals.

For current publications there is no disruption of existing production system and workflow.


Fast availability of pages and all types of content.

Long-term Archive

Using PDF file formats, longevity of stored issues is assured and available (unlike paper and microfilm). Many options are available for back-up and protection of files, including software Escrow.

Preserve and make available

Preserve old and valuable originals by providing digital copies to more people.

Easy searching

Make it easy for readers to find what they are looking for – advanced text-search and date-search functions simplify the research process.

Boost syndication sales

Easy availability of data allows stories and pictures to be made available for syndication.

Grow circulation and subscription base

As electronic copies of a publication count towards proven circulation figures there is good reason to make a digital product offering. Whether this is by paid for subscription or as an adjunct to standard subscription On-Line Publisher is able to collate a complete issue as PDF (or even as TIFF/JPEG). It is possible to enhance electronic editions in PDF format by embedding web links to publishers’ or advertisers web sites.