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How to get your publication's archive online

For example, Publisher ‘A’ produces one Monthly Trade publication with an average pagination of 64 by sending PDF files to their contract printer.

Their archive consists of a number of storage boxes with several copies of each edition plus a folder on their server with a directory for each edition which stores thousands of high-resolution PDF files.

Each time someone needs to look at a previously published article or advert they use the paper archive. There is no internal database as it has been seen to be too costly to install, configure and maintain.

With a managed service from Digitorial all that they would need to do is to send their page PDF files to us where they would be processed to provide:

  • Low resolution Page PDF
  • Low resolution Spreads
  • A complete PDF edition
  • Story cuttings in PDF
  • Extracted Text from stories
  • Accurate story summaries
  • Extracted Pictures with captions
  • Extracted Advertisements
  • Page Positional Thumbnails

All of these digital resources can be hosted at a Digitorial Secure Server facility providing Publisher ‘A’ with a cost-effective internal library resource. Once the publication is stored at On-Line Publisher, it can be made available to any market which publisher ‘A’ wishes.