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A day-by-day, issue-by-issue, page-by-page database of several Wartime newspapers across a wide political and geographical spectrum is immediately attractive – but 1939-45 is not enough: if you want to know how the War unfolded in the newspapers of the day, you need to understand, surely, how it came about?

For this, we could, of course, go all the way back to the German grievances over the 1918 Armistice – and these issues are available at UKPressonline. But, for this multi-title database (the Daily Mirror and Express, plus the Yorkshire Post, the far-right Mosley press and the Communist Party’s Daily Worker*) – we choose 1933 the year that began with Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany.

Just 15 years on from the invention of "modern warfare" and the horrors of the trenches, re-armament was, once again, the topic of the day.

The War, itself, is an engrossing read from the outbreak to the Khaki Election of 1945 – which the Conservatives lost.

Which is why this archive is called, The War – from the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Churchill.