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Launched in 1903 by Alfred Harmsworth (of the Daily Mail – later Lord Northcliffe) as a newspaper for women by women, the penny Mirror had the first woman editor in Fleet Street. That, however, lasted just six months before new editor Hamilton Fyfe fired all the women!

Fyfe’s Mirror – now carrying the masthead “A paper for men and women” – was the first newspaper in the world to print photographs, and the illustrated front pages (no adverts!) are a remarkable pictorial record of the early 20th century.

Search issues of the Daily Mirror from 1903-1980, covering many world events throughout the 20th Century.

Contributors include Cassandra (William Connor), Keith Waterhouse, Paul Foot, John Pilger, Majorie Proops and the cartoonists Philip Zec and Reg Smythe (Andy Capp).