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Digitorial has designed the OnLine Publisher (as used by the UKPressOnline archive) to be rather different to other on-line newspaper archives.

It used to be that most on-line archives were databases of image files that allow you to search only by keywords that had been applied to each page-image by the database provider or to search by the date of the issue.

These picture files (TIFF, PICT, JPEG, GIF etc.) could often be downloaded but at a relatively low image resolution and were generally unsuitable for reproduction.

Digitorial Online Publisher delivers an archive of newspaper pages which can be viewed as they were published - in context, in an edition and with the content fully searchable; so you can search what was published, look at pages, download them and, using the power of Adobe Acrobat®, refine your searches or perform new ones offline.

Within the archive you will be presented with different sized images of newspaper pages:

The Thumbnail

The smallest (and most frequently seen) is the Thumbnail. This is a small image approx 125 pixels across. It is used to give you a quick view of individual pages, spreads and editions.

The Preview

In the 'edition view' you can navigate by clicking on the larger pages displayed to the left of the scrolling edition Thumbnails. This 'spread' view uses the 'preview' images to display a better quality view of the newspaper.

The Page View

By clicking on the 'zoom magnifying-glass' you will see a full-size image of the page. The type is usually legible in this view, but it is still a low-resolution view of the page. it can be useful for reference and for low-resolution printing.


To get the full benefit of the page you should access the PDF. If the page is from a scan the PDF will contain a medium-high resolution copy of the page - ideal for printing. If the page is from a PDF-production system you will be able to zoom the text to a very large size. The images are compressed and should not be reproduced separately.

The PDF can be viewed in your browser or in your PDF viewer application. Set your preference in your browser 'Preferences'. When you view a PDF you may save it to your computer and open, read, search and print the page without logging-in.